How to Measure Pupillary Distance

We want you to have the best vision possible to enjoy all of life’s everyday activities! To ensure our opticians get your prescription sitting perfectly in your lenses, we need your pupillary distance measurement.

What is Pupillary Distance?

Your PD is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil, measured in millimetres. This measurement ensures we make your lenses with the prescription sitting exactly where your eyes need it, allowing for superior vision!

How to measure PD

We need the pupil distance measurement to perfectly fit your glasses to your eyes.

You will need to remove your glasses and hold a standard sized card against your forehead for a picture.


Take your glasses off


Hold a standard card, preferably light coloured, flat against your forehead


Holding your phone at eye level and the camera in the middle, take your photo.


Upload your photo when ordering your lenses or email it in to


Ultra Violet

  • 100% Ultra-violet protection

Scratch Resistant

  • Protects lenses against scratching and other forms of mechanical damage
  • Longer life span of the lens as well as improved features and performance
  • Scratch-resistance is considered an indispensable treatment nowadays


  • Eliminates glare and permits more light to pass through the lens, especially noticeable with night vision or while using a computer
  • Reduces external reflections which ensures more comfortable work in artificial lighting
  • Increases contrast and sharpness of vision

Complete Anti-reflection

  • Hydro-phobic layer repels water droplets and allow easier cleaning
  • Oleo-phobic layer significantly reduces smudges, dirt and dust particles adhering to the surface of the lens
  • Including all the coatings we offer we will also expedite this as no extra cost!

Society ACE Lenses

  • Comes with all the coatings we offer with a quick turnaround
  • We also cover any scratches on the lenses for up to 12 months.

Own Lenses

  • If you want to place your own lenses into a new frame.
  • The lenses has to be able to fit into the frame you are sending in.