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Lens Society
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    Ultra Violet

    • 100% Ultra-violet protection

    Scratch Resistant

    • Protects lenses against scratching and other forms of mechanical damage
    • Longer life span of the lens as well as improved features and performance
    • Scratch-resistance is considered an indispensable treatment nowadays


    • Eliminates glare and permits more light to pass through the lens, especially noticeable with night vision or while using a computer
    • Reduces external reflections which ensures more comfortable work in artificial lighting
    • Increases contrast and sharpness of vision

    Complete Anti-reflection

    • Hydro-phobic layer repels water droplets and allow easier cleaning
    • Oleo-phobic layer significantly reduces smudges, dirt and dust particles adhering to the surface of the lens
    • Including all the coatings we offer we will also expedite this as no extra cost!

    Society ACE Lenses

    • Comes with all the coatings we offer with a quick turnaround
    • We also cover any scratches on the lenses for up to 12 months.

    Own Lenses

    • If you want to place your own lenses into a new frame.
    • The lenses has to be able to fit into the frame you are sending in.